Institut Perempuan facilitated Rural Women Meeting on Women Creative Writing

BANDUNG: Members of Women Cooperative “Annisa” in Kanci Kulon Village, Cirebon district, West Java gathered and held a meeting in 27th May 2014. The agenda of the meeting was to review and follow up the Workshop on Women’s Creative Writing that has been conducted in January 2014. In this review, the participants recalled about training material and their writing experience in previous workshop. In the beginning, they felt confuse why did they have to write.  However, after being reminded a few words they began to say like “I pity her”, “I want another person to know”, “Gain people concern”, “I am let down”, etc.

The participants looked enthusiastic when we explore the purpose of writing. They confess that they felt relieved after writing and pour out feeling.

Sri Agustini (INSTITUT PEREMPUAN/Women’s Institute) explored some benefits of writing activity like to speak up on injustice, inequality, to help healing process for violence survivor, to empower, and to voice changes. Some of them admitted the difficulty to blow up their mind to the words and how to choose the right words. Participants agreed to begin learning on creative writing process in next week.

In the end of the meeting, INSTITUT PEREMPUAN/Women’s Institute distributed some articles from newspaper and magazine. Those articles were the first assignments for participants to begin creative writing learning.

 Writing is not easy, but writing is the one way to empower human. The sustainability of this program is a big challenge. There will be various obstruction but the spirit from village women’s association, every challenge will be accommodated. Every writing is interesting, including the story from that village women. What kind of writing that they will make? It will be interesting to watch their learning process.

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