PRESS RELEASE – INSTITUT PEREMPUAN - WOMEN’S INSTITUTE: R. Valentina Sagala receives the “ROLE MODELS FOR PEACE” Indonesia from “N-PEACE AWARD” 2013 at the “N- Peace Awards Ceremony & Leadership Forum for Peace”, Bangkok, October 22-23, 2013

This year, we are honored that our (INSTITUT PEREMPUAN – WOMEN’S INSTITUTE) Founder and Chairperson of Executive Board, is being selected as the Award Winner of “Role Models for Peace” from the “N-Peace Award” 2013, together with other respected Sisters from Afghanistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Timor Leste and the Philippines.  


The N-Peace Award is a prestigious award to give recognition and its build profiles of women leaders and women peace builders working to create change from grass-roots up to the national level in six countries in Asia affected by conflict. This initiative is facilitated by the United Nations Development Programme Asia Pacific Regional Centre (APRC UNDP), in partnership with Search for Common Ground and the Institute for Inclusive Security, with the support of AusAID*. 


Valentina and other women leaders and peace builders join the “N-Peace Awards Ceremony & Leadership Forum for Peace”, October 22-23, 2013, for important activities such as a live debate on “National Action Plan (NAPs) - the only tool for translating UNSCR 1325 on Women, Peace and Security” and discussion on “Women  in peace building– challenges, strategies and entry points”.  In addition, a video documentary of Valentina and other N-Peace Awardees 2013 is being launched during the awarding ceremony to honor their leadership efforts for building sustainable and inclusive peace in their communities and countries. N-Peace Network shares the message widely, drawing on social media channels live from the event (Media Release titled “100 Asian peace champions to attend N-Peace Awards Ceremony!”: )


In the Speech during awarding ceremony, Valentina shares her message of dedication: “Peace is not merely the absence of war. For me, the essence of peace is a commitment: of LOVE, human rights and social justice; to tolerance, mutual respect, dialogue and non-violence. For those who promote and are actually doing it in their daily lives, both public and private; Feminist Sisters of Institut Perempuan-Women’s Institute of Indonesia; my Parents and Brothers, my lovely Husband Tri Sukma (Nanu) Djandam and my step-Daughter Belai, my dearest late step-Son Janang; also to all victims/survivors of violence, discrimination, exploitation, and intolerance, for them, I dedicate this N-Peace Award. God bless us all. Thank you!”


INSTITUT PEREMPUAN-WOMEN’S INSTITUTE has been engaging increasingly in promoting peace, human rights and social justice. The award to our Founder and Executive of Board is certainly not the end of our struggle. Various efforts to achieve meaningful inclusive and sustainable peace, security and justice, in particular free from the violence, exploitation, and discrimination, is still a long way to go. In Indonesia, although we have several laws on violence against women (VAW), the implementation remains a challenge. As migrant workers or domestic workers, women are also still at risk of violence, exploitation, and human trafficking. We give our serious attention for the fact that many of Indonesian women migrant workers who face threats of death penalty in Malaysia and other countries. The amendment to the Law on the Placement and Protection of Indonesian Workers Abroad and the deliberation of the Bill on Domestic Workers Protection, are still to be fought in order to accommodate the issue of VAW, while the Law on Social Conflict Management is also need to be criticized, together with the new Law on Community Organizations which was passed recently despite strong rejection from civil society. A lot of things still have to be considered as our home-work.

In particular, with this award, once again we are deeply hopeful that the President Yudhoyono could immediately enact the Presidential Regulation on the NAPs for Prevention, Protection and Empowerment of Women in Conflict Areas (RAN P4DK). The NAPs aims to ensure the presence of women’s role in peace-building, particularly in conflict areas. It is critically important to make sure the NAPs in line with human rights instruments in particular women, peace, and security (WPS), including the United Nations Security Council Resolution (UNSCR) 1325 (2000) 1820 (2009), 1888 (2009), 1889 (2010); 1960 (2011), 2106 (2013) and the newest UNSCR 2122 adopted by the UN Security Council on October 18, 2013.


Thank you,

For Justice, Equality, and Humanity,


Twitter: @Instperempuan

Contact: Ms. Ellin Rozana – 0815.9074798,
*Media Release titled “Asian Women Peace Activists Receive N-Peace Awards for Their Work in the Frontlines of Conflict”: 2013

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