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Annisa Women’s Cooperation Held Discussion on Domestic Migrant Worker in Saudi Arabia

Bandung, Women’s Institute : Monday, June 23rd 2014, in Kanci Kulon Village, Cirebon Districts, the member of Women’s Cooperation “Annisa” gathered to discuss about Human Rights Situation in Saudi Arabia.
In the event that facilitated by WOMEN’S INSTITUTE, the participants discussed Saudi Arabian law which very vulnerable to domestic worker’s rights violation, mainly to women, […]

Women and Conflict in Indonesia

Indonesia is an archipelago country with 240 million people spread in more than 13,000 islands, living in 3 time zones, with 34 provinces and hundreds of districts/cities. It is one of the largest social media users especially among youth, not only middle-class, but also grass-roots particularly migrant workers. Known as a prominent organization founded […]